Gloss BOPP thermal lamination film
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Gloss BOPP thermal lamination film

  • Items:Gloss
  • Width:300~1770mm
  • Thickenss:18~30micron
  • Length:200~3000m
  • Paper core:1inch,2.25inch,3inch

Product Detail



Thickenss:18micron(1206), 21micron(1209), 24micron(1509), 27micron(1512)


Bonding: Less than 2

Paper core: 1 inch(25.4mm), 2.25 inches(58mm), 3 inches(76mm)

Product application:

1) coating on books and magazines, catalogs, pictures, promotional materials, paper bag;

2)Outside coating for wrapping box for food, medicine, cosmetic, gift, liquor;
2) Blueprint document, office files, advertisement paints, inject ink paintings, post, digital prints

Process parameter:
1) Equipment for laminating film: dry and wet laminating machine, with heating function
2) Temperature: normal prints: 90~100°C; special prints: 100~110°C
3) Roller pressure: 10~18MPa (as the max Mpa on the laminators)
4) Speed: 15~50m/min
5) Remarks: special prints which are with thicker ink, solid color, high moisture content and bigger size paper, or digital prints, advertising inject prints

 Application manual:

1、 Please adjust the pressure and temperature according to different types of paper and ink.

2、 When using the film for the first time, or changing to other sizes or printing materials, please get a small trial volume before going into fully mass lamination.

3、  The following situation will affect the quality of the film during lamination.

a.    The ink contains too much wax, dried oil, adhesive, and silicon additive .etc.

b.    using metal ink or the ink is too thick

c.     the ink is not totally dry

d.    the paper is high humidity

e.    there is too much powder

f.      tension setting is not correct on laminators

Remarks: both sides corona treated and unusual thickness is available upon request.