Gloss Extra sticky thermal lamination film
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Gloss Extra sticky thermal lamination film

  • Items:Glossy
  • Width:310~1770mm
  • Thickness:27micron
  • Length:200~3000m
  • Extra sticky thermal lamination film for advertising inject prints

Product Detail


This film is widely used for various photopapers for advertising inject paints, it has super sticky on such materials. Compare with the normal cold laminating film, this film has a better transparency appearance, expand the using time, enhance the durability and low down the cost.


This film is used for laminating on non-waterproof and waterproof advertising inject print materials, such as non-waterproof high gloss photopaper, waterproof high gloss photopaper, ordinary non-waterproof photopaper, ordinary waterproof photopaper, adhesive PP materials, etc
Process parameter:
1) Equipment for laminating film: dry and wet laminating machine, with heating function
2) Temperature: normal prints: 90~100°C; special prints: 100~110°C
3) Roller pressure: 10~18MPa (as the max Mpa on the laminators)
4) Speed: 15~50m/min
5) Remarks: special prints which are with thicker ink, solid color, high moisture content and bigger size paper, or digital prints, advertising inject prints.