Matt Digital thermal lamination film
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Matt Digital thermal lamination film

  • Item:Matt
  • Width:310~1770mm
  • Thickness:35micron
  • Length:200~3000m

Product Detail


This film is especially used in laminating on digital prints which are with thicker ink and much silicone oil. The EVA glue layer is super sticky, and the laminating effect is obviously enhanced than the normal film, especially laminating on the prints with the electrostatic imaging technology digital printers.


This film is suitable for the digital printer using electro ink, such as XEROXDCseries, HP indigo series, CANON digital printer, etc. For example XEROX DocuColor 8000/5000 and HP Indigo Press 7000.
Process parameter:
1) Equipment for laminating film: dry and wet laminating machine, with heating function
2) Temperature: normal prints: 90~100°C; special prints: 100~110°C
3) Roller pressure: 10~18MPa (as the max Mpa on the laminators)
4) Speed: 15~50m/min
5) Remarks: special prints which are with thicker ink, solid color, high moisture content and bigger size paper, or digital prints, advertising inject prints